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Unlimited Edu Firm School & College Information Management System

$ 9.99

some key features of EduFirm’s School & College Information Management System:

  1. Front Desk Module:

Efficiently manage administrative tasks, inquiries, and basic information from a centralized front desk interface.

  1. Student & Staff Module:

Keep detailed records of students and staff, including personal information, academic history, and contact details.

  1. Account Module:

Streamline financial processes with an integrated account module for budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

  1. Library Module:

Organize and manage the institution’s library resources, including book cataloging, check-outs, and returns.

  1. Hostel Module:

Simplify hostel management by monitoring occupancy, handling room allocations, and tracking resident details.

  1. Attendance Module:

Track and manage attendance records efficiently, providing real-time insights for both students and faculty.

  1. Transport Module:

Coordinate and optimize transportation services, managing routes, schedules, and vehicle information.

  1. Assignment Module:

Facilitate the assignment creation, submission, and grading process for teachers and students.

  1. Download Module:

Centralize document sharing, making important resources, forms, and announcements easily accessible to stakeholders.

  1. Zoom Meeting Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Zoom meetings for virtual classes, webinars, and collaborative sessions.

  1. SMS & Email Alert System:

Enhance communication through automated SMS and email alerts for announcements, events, and important updates.

  1. Online Payment Gateway:

Simplify fee payments and financial transactions through a secure and user-friendly online payment gateway.

  1. User and Role Management:

Administer user roles effectively, ensuring secure access and permissions with a powerful Access Control List (ACL).


EduFirm’s School & College Information Management System is designed to provide a comprehensive solution, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and organization within educational institutions.

EduFirm is a handy School & College Information Management System. It helps institutions handle student and staff details through various modules like Front Desk, Student & Staff, Account, Library, Hostel, Attendance, Transport, Assignment, Download, Zoom Meeting, SMS & Email Alerts, Online Payment Gateway, and User and Role Management with a robust Access Control List (ACL). Simplify administration and enhance efficiency with EduFirm’s key features.


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