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Power MTA Bulk/Mass Mail Server MTA


Are you in search of cheap and affordable Power MTA mass/bulk mail server? We provide the top best reliable service ensuring with 100% uptime. We offer multi-language and user-friendly support. You can now securely send unlimited bulk/mass emails MTA for free by installing dedicated Power MTA. To have this dedicated Power MTA, you need not have a dedicated server.

Send Unlimited Emails
Flexible for SMTP or API Integration
Interspire Addons
Low Price Email Marketing Solution
Ultimate Infrastructure
Unlimited Bulk Mailing, Email Marketing
Affordable price guarantee
Top Email Marketing Services In India
Bulletproof Security
Custom Application Installation Support
Ticket Support at any time
Unlimited bandwidth


Send unlimited transactional or commercial mass mails using SMTP server
with free mailing applications, Interspire addons, 24/7 support at an affordable price, we are the best fully managed email marketing, bulk mail server online services provider in India.


Official Product : https://messagebird.com/pricing




Unlimited Emails

Send unlimited emails, bulk/mass emails at a lower price. We are the one among the best to provide you a top quality service. We provide our service in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai cities at cheap prices.


IP Rotation

We provide IP rotation method for a smooth outgoing Internet traffic and extensive setup for handling bulk or mass mail server. IP rotation maintains the internet traffic, prevents spamming and blacklisting messages. It mainly reduces the blacklisted IPs from the bulk mail server.


100 % Uptime

We have a specialized team to monitor the server performance all the time. We guarantee for a 100% uptime for our service without any downtime issues. If you overcome any downtime issues, we will refund your money. We work round the clock 24/7/365.


Free Power MTA Support

We offer free and unlimited Power MTA support for all our customers. We have designed exclusively for the intelligence, control, and greater efficiency. You can verify the email campaign performance through MTA. We also provide Power MTA support for mass email marketing.


Powerful Configuration

We provide unlimited emails with Bulk SMTP account, dedicated email server, free SMTP server for configuring the bulk/mass mail server. The SMTP services ensure the highest deliverability and prevent messages blocking from ISP shields.


24 X7 Support

If you need any assistance, we are here to help your at any time for 365 days. You can call or email us about the issue, or even you can raise a tracker on the same. Our expert technicians find the solutions to your issues that may be technical or any other queries.


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