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Access to quick support

We’ve made it simple to reach quick for assistance. We’ve placed a direct link to your dashboard, which lets you call us to get help.

Overview dashboard

View counters that display the number of emails sent that have been sent, as well as lists of subscriber segments and delivery servers. Also, you can view an in-depth report of the activity of recent times.

Administration of user

Users are administrators of the system. They can be made as many as you need and assigned to various user groups , with different rights and restrictions.

User groups

You can create as many groups of users as you like. Each group is entitled to be granted specific permissions and restrictions.

Customer overview

Customers are the ones who set up email lists including subscriber lists, as well as distribute mailers. There are several accounts that are separate for customers. In this section, you’ll be able to view each the accounts.

Customer groups

A large number of customer groups you want Each group has the ability to be granted specific rights and limitations.

Email provides a summary of the HTML0 email

Control every email list that is generated by the system in an easy and straightforward manner.

The Overview of Campaigns

Control all email messages that are generated in the program. Check out regular and autoresponder emails separately or all together.

Surveys overview

Manage all surveys conducted by your survey system. You can get each overview of the survey that provides information about how to complete the survey.


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