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A few days ago, one students I teach asked me for a an overview of the most cost-effective and affordable VPS hosting service providers to send out marketing emails. This is a most difficult questions to answer. It’s because there are a lot of VPS hosting providers, but they are not all perfect.


10 ways to create the perfect SMTP server for marketing via email

1. Contabo

It is the German VPS provider is selling VPS for a reasonable price. Beginning with EUR4.99 per month, they’re the top of the line in the market for SMTP server. They also sell VPS that have open port 25, which is 25. This means you don’t need to fret about port, at minimum. You can also purchase an additional IPv4 to satisfy your needs for emailing.

Check out Contabo VPS plans

2. OVH

The France hosting provider based in France is the second one in my list. They also offer VPS for a low cost, but they are not as affordable as Contabo. However, they’re a good choice and have several datacenters around the globe. You can also order an additional IPv4.

Check out OVH plans

3. Hetzner

Another cheap VPS provider that is located in Germany as well as Finland. They also sell VPS that have open port 25 at present. You can also get more than 10 extra IPs.

Check out Hetzner cloud plans

4. Hostwinds

Hostwinds prices aren’t very affordable, but they are well-known for their high-quality service. There are some that offer competitive prices as well as open ports 25. Nowadays, several VPS providers do not offer VPS that have an open port to reduce spamming.

Check out Hostwinds plan

5. Interserver

Interserver does not just provide VPS hosting, but they also let you select a different platform which you can sign up depending on the requirements of your needs. In addition, from KVM and open VZ They offer a variety of options for you at an affordable prices.

Check out Interserver VPS plans

This list would be inexhaustible and I have tried to list few cheap and best one. Let me know in comment if you find another best one.

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